Your tasks

  • The Enterprise IT Architect is engaged across portfolios and works towards assisting in the translation of business objectives and requirements into an enterprise compliant IT system specification with a focus on the performance, robustness, and operational supportability patterns across the solutions
  • Facilitating the development of architectural policies and standards as well as technology architecture roadmaps for one or more of the architectural domains (infrastructure / data / application / solutions)
  • The Architect assures the end-to-end architectural, holistic view of the Agency’s IT system environments for their adherence to the specification standards
  • Provide high-level architectures, as well as solution designs, reviews and oversight standards /Policy Governance
  • Planning, documenting, communicating life cycle state for enterprise technologies (Invest, Maintain, Divest) that enable stability, dependability and recoverability of IT and operations
  • Facilitate the definition of the Strategic IT Architecture, “To be” domain architectures and transition paths


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